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Yoga for me, maybe for you? 2/10/2020

It’s important for health and wellness to have passions in our lives in addition to caring about what we put in our mouths, how we move, and what we think. Some passions are life long and some come and go. When rugby became less important to me (primarily because I couldn’t take the physicality any more) it was a daunting task to find something to replace it with. For 40 years rugby had provided me with a physical outlet as well as a tribe- Rugby is often described as the biggest fraternity/sorority in the world.

Rather than forcing a new passion I was patient and waited for an opportunity to present itself. Imagine my surprise that I found it right in downtown Fairfield where I live! After years of dabbling with Yoga; doing some hot Yoga, Yoga at the local Y, and trying some poses my daughter had shown me, I walked past the smiling Buddha and up the stairs at Yoga4everybody and signed up for their 3 week introductory offer.

What a game changer! I took multiple types of classes and discovered a whole new world of physical discipline, personal development, and a dynamic, accepting community. I was hooked! 3 months later I feel like a kid in a candy shop- although I’m trying not to eat much candy anymore! Every class and experience is different and my growth curve is steep – it’s exciting.

One of the many things I love about it is the personal nature. It is my own practice and there is no judgement or comparisons with other people- a novel idea in our hyper-competitive society. I find this refreshing- as Teddy Roosevelt said; “comparison is the thief of joy”! It allows me to focus on seeing progress in myself and feeling good about the physical and mental changes I’m experiencing.

If this sounds intriguing please try a yoga studio where you are – or come visit Yoga4everybody in Fairfield- we’d love to see you!

In Chiropractic, Dr Matt Leonard


  1. mjsantandrea

    Wonderful article. I feel the same way about yoga! Thanks for sharing.

    • You helped get me started!

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