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My Chiropractic office is a microcosm of the outside world. We have all ages of practice members, all income levels, and people at all stages of their health and wellness journeys. While I love educating people about holistic health and help them make positive changes in their lives, I also enjoy learning from them. We share experiences, information, and beliefs without judgement- something that seems to be lacking in many parts of our society!

One of the major principles I’ve learned from my office is the importance of gratitude. It’s amazing to me that some patients who have the most hardship- either health challenges, financial hardships, or family issues- are the most grateful for what they have. On the other hand some people who have the most are never satisfied.

Last week two patients reinforced the importance of saying thank you as much as possible. We offered a financial payment plan for one patient that would allow her to get the care she needed. Her response of gratitude was so heartfelt that it made me realize how important helping others, in any way possible, helps us as well. The other patient sent me this:

Dr. Matthew Leonard

This really struck home with me. For all I have, and all the privilege I have been blessed with, who am I to be ungrateful? Please join me in an attempt to be more aware of all the blessings I have!

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  1. Andy Leonard

    I should read that every day.

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