TGIM 03/30/2015

America- the land of the free?

Since 9/11 our world has changed and we have seen many of our civil liberties taken away.  American citizens can be detained indefinitely, we can be subject to warrantless searches, and we are subject to continual monitoring. Many people say if you have nothing to hide why should you care?  I care because our individual rights, and the choice to live the way we choose (as long as it doesn’t break laws or hurt others) is what our country was built on.

Recently two issues brought this to light.  The first is “free range parenting”.  Citizens are being ostracized, and even punished, for letting their children walk or play outside without supervision. Yes there are threats out there but most of the tragic events involve family members or acquaintances of the children involved! The other, more concerning threat, is that we are raising a generation of kids with constant supervision, suppressing their ability to develop independence.  It’s estimated that children today spend 80-90% of their leisure time in front of a screen!  I believe all parenting styles should be embraced- each situation and child is totally unique.

The other issue I have been following is a bit more troubling.  There is a big push onto strengthen the mandatory vaccination policy set forth by the government.  No matter what your view is on vaccines please prepare yourself for the next step- mandatory vaccines for adults!  It’s estimated that there are close to 300 vaccines in the pipeline.  These include everything from halitosis (bad breath) to obesity to the stomach bug.  Personally I question the efficacy and safety of vaccines- and I certainly do not want to be forced to get vaccinated against my will.

We need to have a social structure to protect our citizens but we also need to protect our individual rights!!  It’s what makes our country unique and the most free in the world- up to now!

Expect Health, Dr. Matt

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