TGIM 5/4/2015

One of the central concepts of Chiropractic is the constant presence of an “innate intelligence” within us that protects the body and coordinates it’s functions to heal and maintain homeostasis or balance.

This belief of a power within us is prevalent in many cultures.  Often it is called “Chi” and there are many ways to access it’s power and enhance our lives and expression of wellness.  One of the ways I have been experimenting with , and encouraging others to do so, is through deep diaphragmatic breathing.  The average person takes between 18-30,000 breaths daily.  However most of our breaths are shallow- especially when we are tense, angry, or stressed out.  This shallow breathing can have adverse effects on our energy, our organs, the lymphatic system and overall health.  We are not getting the most out of  this most basic life activity.

By paying attention to our breathing we can help our Chi to promote better health on many levels.  A good beginner explanation can be found in an article called Feel the Chi.  It gives a good tutorial on diaphramatic breathing and how to use it to enhance your life!

My experience has been fantastic! I find it relaxing, energizing, and by paying attention to my breathing I find I can feel the power in my body and even direct it to areas of concern.  The best thing is you can use these techniques anywhere, any time, and you feel almost immediate effects.  There are no excuses- please don’t tell me you can’t find the time to breathe!!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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