TGIM 05/11/15

Today TGIM stands for thank gods it’s mothers day!  As with most people my mom Elizabeth has had a primary impact on my development and life. We had a very un-Hallmark mothers day- no cards, a casual lunch out of the refrigerator, and very little stress or drama.

On the drive back from Philly I contemplated the major life lessons my mom instilled in me through her words and actions. They are in no particular order;

-Always be yourself.  Live according to your beliefs and values.  Do not change yourself to “fit in” or please other people.

-Live a physical life- my mom always walked everywhere she could, follows a Jane Fonda exercise tape daily (that tells you how long she has been doing it!), and stay as active as possible.

-Have a reason to get out of bed.  My mom has always been passionate about different causes- pro peace during the Vietnam war, gender equality during the feminist movement, and anti- nuclear proliferation currently.

-Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself and what you believe in.  Speaking your mind strengthens your passion even if the other person may disagree with you.

-Treat every other person with respect and love- we are all in this together!

Thanks Mom!  Dr Matt

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