TGIM 05/18/2015

Mary and I are entering the phase of life where many of our “older” friends and relatives are passing or getting prepared to pass. This proximity to this stage of life can be difficult but it can also bring real insight to this journey called life.  One of the most powerful presentations about the insight we can expect, and hope to utilize before we are at the end you can view here.

In this Ted talk Kathleen Taylor discusses the life lessons she has learned from being a hospice nurse.  She talks about how people in the last paragraph of their story are incapable of bullshit and become crystallized versions of themselves.  They tend to discard thought patterns that do not matter like being right, being busy, being guilty, … and focus on the things that matter. The main thing that matters to most people at the end is being who they really are!

Most younger people, myself included, believe that the biggest regret most people have is the thing we didn’t do. The bucket list of places, experiences, things we never had.  In her talk Kathleen discloses the real #1 regret;

“I wish I had the courage to have lived a life true to myself rather than the life others expected of me”.

Wow! It’s all about being you!  We all have unique talents, abilities, and thoughts that noone else on the planet has and the world needs us to be ourselves!

The question is why we have to wait until the end to start being the strongest possible version of ourselves. If we look inside, listen to our deepest “voice within”, we can begin to make ourselves and the world better!

Expect health and Joy! Dr Matt

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