TGIM 06/8/2015

The developer of Chiropractic said “there is no telling how what you say, think, or do today can affect the lives of millions tomorrow”. I call this the wonderful life effect. You remember- when George Bailey, down and desperate, is shown how his integrity and compassion for others has had a dramatic impact on others.

I was reminded of this phenomenon yesterday in dramatic fashion. This weekend I attended the celebration for Mary’s’ cousin Monsignor Michael Flanagan who has been a Catholic priest for 50 years!!!  father Michael became a missionary and travelled sight unseen to. Columbia Missouri – about a foreign a place as he could imagine. He knew no one, and at first had extreme difficulty becoming part of the community. He inherited a religious community that was in flux (it was right after the second Vatican decree that priests had to engage the lay people equally in the workings of the church).

From his humble start Father Michael developed a substantial Church family including outreach programs, educational programs, and many other programs that engaged and enriched the people around him.  We heard Many heart felt stories about lives changed, personal sacrifice, and unconditional love which inspired everyone in the room, including me! It moved me to commit to being the strongest possible version of myself- so that I may have a bigger positive impact on others and the world.

Despite all his accomplishments, Father Michael remains a humble servant whose purpose and passion is helping others. If we all adopted this position think how we could together change the world which desperately needs our help!

Expect health!  Dr Matt

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  1. Thanks for the Monday morning inspiration about making a difference in the world!

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