TGIM 8/17/2015

I have always believed that medical interventions should be attempted least invasive to most invasive. Chiropractic first, drugs second, surgery last. The body has a tremendous ability to heal if given what it needs- proper nutrition, exercise, nerve flow, and a healing mindset. Our job is to listen to our innate voice and give our body what it needs to heal and stay healthy.

However our culture is dominated by drugs! We take many more drugs than any other country yet we rank close to the bottom of industrialized nations in health measures! Is the answer more drugs?

Recently it came out the the FDA approved Oxycontin for kids over age 11! This powerful drug has been linked to heroin use( same high but a lot cheaper). Doing some research I was shocked to learn that high numbers of young children are on mind altering drugs. Check out the numbers┬áhere. It is very disturbing that huge numbers of babies are on mind altering drugs – their minds are just developing and the long term effects have not been studied.

Young minds need love, proper nutrition, lots of movement, and the chance to develop at their own pace- not drugs that change their perception and thought patterns. What happened to “Just say No!”. Let’s bring it back!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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