TGIM 10/12/2015

“When it comes to your health you must practice self-care. Gather as much information you can regarding your health challenge and then make the decision that feels right to you. Don’t take anyone’s advice as gospel- you need to write your own story”.

My father in law Ralph, who taught mathematics for decades, often tells the story about the time his principal came to him with a lot of data and asked him to analyze it. Ralph said “what do you want it to show?. The point being that data and numbers can be manipulated to prove, or show many different outcomes.

This strategy is rampant in medicine- researchers can us data to show what they want. Please check out this video that explains how the information we see on our screens can be manipulated- and we can be manipulated by it to the detriment of our health.

Don’t believe everything you hear, see, read, or are told! Think for yourself, experiment, and listen to your body to find the path to wellness- your path!

To change something you have to change something! Dr Matt

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