TGIM 11/9/2015

Today is the start of week 3 of a 12 week body transformation  program I am participating in with my long time training partner Wendy and 2 other intrepid people. The amazing 12 program is intense- it incorporates strength training with a very specific nutrition protocol. While I was nervous before starting this endeavor it has been a fantastic experience for a number of reasons.

Committing to a program to change your health is very empowering. It makes you focus on YOU! Not the news, or the stock market, or your various other time consuming parts of your life. You must think about it, prepare for it and execute it. By giving yourself priority in this crazy world you immediately begin to feel, think, and act differently. You are in control.

Many people think that this is the absolute worst time of the year to initiate new health measures. I disagree. If you can take control of your health during the holiday season you can do it anytime. If not now? When?

I will be blogging about my experience, and those of my training partners, over the next few months. Please send good thoughts my way as it is really challenging. Hopefully I will share some information that helps others take steps to become a stronger version of themselves!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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