TGIM 3/7/2016

I am entering the stage of life when people in my life are transitioning “to the other side”? with increasing frequency, causing me to think about my own mortality and the meaning of life.

Last week we discovered that my mother has some serious health issues, and I attended 2 memorial services. It made me think about life- a lot! I’d like to share some of the emotional conclusions that came to me;

-It is a wonderful life! The trail we leave behind us affects many people in many ways- most of which we are not aware of

-The people in your life are a thousand times more important than the “stuff”. I heard story after story about relationships, shared experiences, joy, hardships- but noyt one about material goods!

-Our time on this planet is short- make the most of it by liking yourself, helping others, simply doing your best.

In Health, Dr Matt

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