TGIM 3/21/16

I often say your optimizing your health is choosing between faith and fear. Do you choose faith in the bodies intelligence (innate, Chi, life force, spirit) to keep you healthy- or fear of outside agents (Zika virus, germs, allergens, etc.) ? Were you created from 2 cells into a fully formed human only to live a sickly, less than optimum existence?

I believe the choice is ours. The bodies intelligence is so powerful that it is constantly producing new cells, repairing damage, fighting off invaders, and maintaining homeostastis – without help.  Imagine if we chose to help it- by experimenting with our eating habits, exercise protocols, and thought patterns- and implementing the ones that work best!

I just rewatched a snippet from a Jim Carey speech  that discussess this topic. It’s about asking the Universe for what you truly desire out of faith (love) rather than asking for the practical choice out of fear.  This is easily implemented when it comes to your health- visualize and ask for ideal health!- and then work at it!

In Faith and love, Dr Matt


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  1. that was beautiful! thanks for sharing.

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