TGIM 3/28/2016

As most of you know Rugby is one of my passions- this post captures my love for the game- after all we are dependent on each other!

I played in a game this weekend- and ended up against some 20 somethings that went to Stamford High and New Rochelle high- I recognized them from games against the Fairfield high team I help out with. Talking with them after the game I was struck by a few things-

-Every person is the same. They want happiness, a way to make a decent living, and to have “teammates” they can count on in this journey called life.

-Every person is not the same in the opportunities they are presented with. While most of the ruggers I know in Fairfield went on to college and a good job, the guys from Stamford and New Rochelle went right to work and were trying to get some additional schooling. They want the same things but don’t have a team in place to support them.

-We can look at someones’ life and say “they just have to work harder”, or “it’s their fault”, or we can say ” I am going to help everyone I can, to the best of my ability, regardless of their situation” to make our own team stronger!

The world needs a bigger team, and we need more teammates, so let’s get to work!

I am back to blogging regularly- so please share if you feel inclined- have your team sign up at   https;//wordpress/!

Expect Health and good teammates! Dr Matt

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