TGIM 6/6/2016

“Your inner being is loving and optimistic. When you align with it you feel good. When you don’t…. well, not so much” Jim Hovey

These words from one of my Chiropractic mentors struck a chord with me. Of course Chiropractic is focused on proper alignment of the spine to optimize health- but it goes much deeper than that.

Most of us do not know our bodies and treat them like tools- we take it to bed, drive it to work, feed it. ¬†We don’t take the time or effort to study it, listen to it, or experiment with what it needs.

When you do self-assess you will find that it is much more than physical. Proper alignment means living physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally in accordance with your unique inner being. The more we can do this the more abundant our lives become. Abundant physical health, abundant emotional strength, abundant love and compassion.

My daughter Liza is taking a yoga teacher class this summer. She was suprised that the first principle in her book was not the poses, or the bresthing, but about being in alignment with yoga principles throughout your life- not just when you are in class!

The more you nuture our inner being, and live according to it’s unique messages, the more peace and happiness will come your way!

Listen and learn! Dr Matt


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