TGIM 10/3/2016 The key to Health

I often say to patients “Think of your health concerns as a lock. There is a key that can unlock it and lead to better health. It’s your job to find the key”

If you are not happy with your expression of health maybe you are using the wrong key. Maybe your eating plan is not right. Maybe your exercise plan (or lack of) is not right. Maybe your thought patterns are not right. Maybe the drugs you are taking are not right.

Finding the right key requires work and the key is different for everyone. The key also changes as we age- what worked at 16 is not the same as what works at 60.  Here are some strategies to help you find the key.

– Question everything! Question your doctors, the ads on television, your friends advice, accepted protocols. There are alternative ways to deal with any physical, mental, or emotional issues. Experiment and assess how new strategies make you feel and function.

-Put yourself first. Focus on your health and build your life around better nutrition, better exercise, and better thoughts.

-Get outside more- access the energy of the planet by immersing yourself in it.

-Take a technology break. Spend time each day without a screen. Let your mind create its’ own connections.

-Ask other people what works for them. Finding the key is your job but it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Get peoples input, then experiment and self assess!

One of the main goals of life is to be the strongest version of ourselves- if you feel the need to improve start looking for a new key!!!

Expect to find it! DR Matt

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  1. Wills, Margaret A.

    Great post, Dr. Matt — Perfect to share with my spirituality students ahead of your visit!

    Dr. Maggie Wills Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication Director, Bachelor of Liberal Studies Fairfield University 203 254 4000 x2807 Donnarumma Hall, Room 203


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