TGIM 10/17/2016

One of the challenges of finding the key to unlock your concern- to solve your physical, emotional, or mental issue is that there are so many places to look. Go to a hundred sources and you will get 100 different possible solutions. How can one possibly find the right one?

I find that simplifying my choices, and going back to basics is crucial. In our society we are often faced with unlimited choices (except in the Presidential election!), which can often lead to consumer burnout.  More options can sometimes be good for us, but often leads to anxiety and stress.

When contemplating changes to the way we think, what we put in our mouths, or how we move I find it beneficial to start at the most basic changes, assess the outcome, and then move on to more complicated changes.

Take the Whole 30 eating program. It has you simplfy your eating choices for an initial period, then add in other foods to see how your body responds. By not having as many choices you can concentrate on the quality of your food, eating that food, and enjoying the food you ingest.

The same approach can benefit you in other aspects of your life. Simplfy your wardrobe, your committments, your activities and your relationships- get comfortable with them, then slowly add more choices and see how they affect your life.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint!

IN Health, Dr Matt

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  1. Catherine Longo

    Great advice to live by. Thanks for the reminder to simplify.

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