TGIM 10/24/2016

“The only thing constant is change”

“The more things change the more they stay the same”

Everything in our lives is in a constant state of change. Our bodies are breaking down and regenerating. Our thought patterns, like waves, are undulating. Nature is constantly going through it’s cycles. Life is changing so constantly that it seems to be the same!

Ask someone how things are going and you’ll get; same old s***, or same s***, different day. By getting trapped into thinking everything stays the same we miss opportunities to live the life we want!

Because change is constant, and out of our control, we should embrace the opportunities that come with it and create the things we want. Want better health- embrace the changes your body is going through and learn new ways to help it. Want to be more positive- we have 16,000 thoughts per day- start focusing and giving power to the ones that support us. Want better relationships- smile more and help others more- it will come back to help you!

It’s your choice – ignore the changes in your life and miss opportunities or embrace them and learn to create the outcome you want!

In Health, Dr Matt

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