TGIM 11/7/2016

I have always taken pride in my right to vote. I  research the choices and make a decision based on  the issues, the candidates, and my values. Looking back I am proud of my voting record.

I will vote tomorrow with some trepidation. It is getting harder and harder to sift the truth from all the ads, social media deluge, and the fact that it is common for canidates to dismiss the facts.

While I am unsure what tomorrows outcome will be I do know a few things;

-Life will go on. Wednesday the sun will rise and I will get up and try to be the best possible version of myself.

-America will survive. There may be some disturbing events but there are too many good citizens that will rally together.

-This election may be the call to action that we need to take our country back from the politicians and the military industrial complex. How much worse can it get?

We need to realize we are all in this together. I am reminded of a quote by E Hall “I may disagree with your opinion but i will defend to the death your right to have it!”

Expect Health and good things, Dr Matt

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  1. Judy Warner

    Well done Dr Matt!

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