TGIM 11/13/2017

The world is going through a very turbulent time- climatically, financially, politically, globally, locally. Many people are feeling uneasy

TGIM – 11/25/2019 – Thanks!


It’s been close to 2 years since my last post- hope someone reads this! Lots have happened, both personally and in the world in general, during that time. And boy it went fast. Not only does time seem to be speeding up but it seems to be accelerating!

Due to the increasingly “busy” nature of our lives (think instant information, instant communication of all types, next day delivery of anything) it can be difficult to focus on the aspects of our lives that truly matter and that can add the most value to our health and well being. However, the starting point for making our lives better is simple- it begins with gratitude for what we have in the present moment. During this week of thanks I’ve made up an acrostic- feel free to make your own!!!

T- take time to care for yourself!

H- have hope no matter the situation.

A- always smile- it’s not as bad as you think

N- never, never, never give up (Winston Churchill)

K- Keep your head high (Mom)

S- Say to yourself; Any good that I can do, or any kindness I can show to any living thing- let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it- for I shall not pass this way again!

Please have a wonderful. meaningful holiday and say a prayer for all those in the world who have less than us!

In Health, Dr. Matt

Mary’s 5 Day Challenges – Food Journaling

Mary has decided to add some of her extensive knowledge to the ChiroDrMatt brand. She has a long history in the food and beverage industry and is also the healthies person I know!

Check out her video here

Food Journal

Food Diary

11/6/2017 Silver bullet vs shotgun

Symptoms our bodies relay to us and injuries are opportunities to practice and learn about self care. Most of us get better at a profession, sport, or hobby with experience – it’s the same with taking care of ourselves. Unfortunately our health care system is reliant on the silver bullet approach- that one drug, supplement, or exercise which will magically heal us. More effective for lasting health and wellness is a “shotgun” approach- experimenting with a variety of  approaches and evaluating which ones work best for ourselves.

Over the last 12-18 months I have been dealing with a serious knee issue- the result of decades of abuse and injuries. While almost everything I tried helped the healing process there was not one modality that “fixed” me. Besides regular Chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, and self soft tissue work I tried multiple approaches. Massage, yoga, breathing techniques, EFT tapping, Trauma Release Exercises, The plant Paradox diet , were among the things I tried. I kept the things that worked best for me, and constantly experimented.

Healing your body comes down to three things- what you think, what you put in your mouth, and how you move. If you are not happy with your current state of health- experiment with those three things, assess, and keep trying! Get advice from others but most importantly listen to your inner voice!

Expect health, Dr Matt


November 1, 2017

I am excited to begin my blog again- this time I have the help of Karl and Terry- two friends of my sons who are all grown up (when did that happen?) and now work in video production and social media marketing. You will begin to see videos and posts regularly. Please help by reviewing them, commenting, and sharing. Then let me know what you think and what topics you are interested in.

As always I am searching for tools with which to enhance my own wellness and help my practice members attain and maintain better health. In the time since my last post I have been experimenting with many things- TRE (trauma release exercises), John Barnes myofascial unwinding, Egoscue exercises, The Plant Paradox eating plan, the Nitric Oxide Dump workout, Tumeric, Kombucha, and meditation to name a few. I look forward to sharing my thoughts!

In Health, Chiro Dr Matt

Chiro Dr Matt Videos

Good News!

Tomorrow (10/30/17) is the start of my video series on

These videos will help you attain and maintain a wellness lifestyle. Topics include mobility drills, corrective exercises, nutrition tips and attitude adjustments.

Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram (@chirodrmatt), Facebook (Post Road Chiropractic), Youtube (Chiro Dr Matt

Thank you to Karl Rempe & Terry Corcoran for your help in creating these.

In health,

Dr. Matt

TGIM 8/28/2017

While not a huge boxing or MMA fan I am very interested in human performance and  have followed Conor Mcgregors training for some time. In particular I am interested in his focus on movement protocols and his work with Ido Portal. Conor has often stressed how important freedom of movement has been to his success. He says “Movement is medicine to me”.

I couldn’t agree more. With age I found myself unable to do basic movement patterns that were once natural and easy. This lead to decreased energy, more aches and pains, and more negative thoughts. By adding stretching, mobility work, and just moving more to my training I began to feel and function better almost immediately.  Looking at my practice I realized that “malnutrition” of movement is a major factor in declining health.

If you are experiencing pain during activities of daily living, tightness, or lack of energy a simple movement regimen may be what you need. Please start moving more and contact me if you want more information about the exciting programs I have been experimenting with!

In Health, Dr Matt

TGIM 02/13/2017

Don’t become paralysed! Paralysed with fear of what’s going on in Washington, with fear of the “disease” of the day, with fear of what others think of you, with fear of that ache or pain you’re feeling.

Our bodies (and minds) need movement to be well.  Natural, flowing movement. Paralysis is the opposite of movement and you will never be healthy with out movement (sitting is the new smoking!). If you are stuck you need to take action now!  Here are some steps to make yourself great again ;).

Put yourself first. Make the time to work on yourself- physically, mentally and emotionally. Experiment with a new eating style, workout plan, or take up a new hobby. Assess how it affects you overall health. Jettison things that aren’t working and focus on the things that help you become more vibrant.

Build bridges, not walls. Don’t hide behind your screen worrying. Connect with others- friends you don’t see enough, neighbors, strangers (friends you haven’t met yet!).

Unplug your devices occasionally and plug into the abundant energy of nature. Get outside and immerse your senses in the wonder that is our planet.

Do not give too much mental power to  the reality TV show that is the  current state of events. Read positive books, be around positive people, think positive thoughts. You become what you thonk about!!!

Expect vibrant health, Dr Matt



TGIM 02/06/2017

Yesterday was a day for big games! For the first time in months I played rugby and it was awesome! We played against the Connecticut Jammers a wheelchair rugby club sponsored by Gaylord rehab.

It was inspiring to see atheletes who have been dealt serious injuries and battled through them to stay active. Many of them related that it was wheelchair rugby that helped them recover mentally and emotionally from  their accident. It also gives them an outlet for their frustrations and a social network- like any group or organization.

Despite our best efforts the Jammers ran away with the game. At the post game social I realized that no matter our lot in life we are all much more similar than different! Let’s treat everyone as if they are us- the world will benefit!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

TGIM 01/23/2017

My wife Mary and daughter Liza, along with millions, participated in the womens’ march last weekend. It was awesome to witness (second hand) the energy, love, and power that this event generated.

It made me think of my mom Elisabeth who was a tireless worker for peace and justice. She paricipated in hundreds of demonstations, was put into jail, and never gave up her vision for a more equal world. Besides demonstrating, letter writing, and contacting her legislators, she lived a life consistent with her values. She lived a simple life (under the poverty level to avoid paying “war” taxes) to focus on her passion. When she passed she was giving monthly donations to 65 different groups that supported her vision, was active in many groups, and tried to build community where she could.

I am hopeful that the march this past weekend is the spark that inspires Americans to become more active in the quest for economic, racial, and gender equality. It will require work, money, and hardship- but the goal is worth it. The world is changing rapidly and we must participate or stop complaining. This concept is stated much more eloquently in this article  from the guardian.

Expect peace and positive change, Dr Matt